Let’s start at the beginning. This is Long Beach Poly Vocal Jazz I 1987. I know Eric Anderson and Jeff Schimsky were in this group. Who else? Chris Shuford? Holly (last name?), David (Smith?), Pat Kelly… Were Jenny Beddow and Amy Settle in the 1987 group, or just 1988? Enjoy!

01 – How High the Moon
02 – I’ve Got You Under My Skin
03 – Seems Like Old Times
04 – Jim, Jam, Jump
05 – I Remember Clifford
06 – My Funny Valentine
07 – Tuxedo Junction
08 – Cockles & Mussels
09 – Since I Fell For You

Click to listen, or right click and choose “save target as” to download songs.


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6 Responses to “1987”

  1. Lisa Nestor Wells Says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to hear them all!

  2. eric Anderson Says:

    I was in Jazz II that year. I know John Swift was in the group that year.

  3. Chris Shuford Says:

    Men (boys) I recall were – me, Schimsky, Pat Kelly, John Smith, Kenny (last name currently escapes me), David Brown; David Smith came in ’88 (along with the legendary Dave Parmeter – OMFG, ’88 was the “Dave” choir).

    The best stuff on here, IMNSHO, are the acapella numbers – “Valentine” and “Cockles”. Art worked us mercilessly on those and it shows (not that he was all that much less-so with the other selections).

    What impresses me about this set is how, despite having to lay down the rhythm-section track beforehand, Art was still able to get usable takes out of us – I remember the difficulty he had trying to conduct us while keeping time to the pre-recorded rhythm. You can still detect a wee bit of clunkiness here and there. 🙂

    This hurdle was removed in ’88, when we were able to record at the same time as the rhythm section (Tom and Dave Parmeter – drums and bass respectively, as I recall).

  4. JEM Says:

    As I recall, along with those mentioned by Chris and Eric, there was Holly Mueller, Rocena Cajudo, Susie Bensen, Kenny Davis, Gwen Larson, Eileen Everett, Amy Settle, Tiffany Drake, Allison Bloeser, Laura _____, one more alto whose face and voice are clearly stamped in my mind, but whose name escapes me for the moment (something like Lea), and me.

    Of those, the ones who started off in Lapierre’s fisrt Poly Jazz Choir (1984-1985) were Holly, Rocena, Susie, John Swift, and I.

    For those of you who remember, I might actually have some of my quote collection buried in a box somewhere. Somehow in our demanding rehearsals, I managed to write down interesting things Lapierre and others would say. Now I’m curious to dig it all up.

    Thanks for the blast from the past.


  5. John Swift Says:

    Wow cool beans!! Never thought I would get to hear this stuff again. Many thanks to all the contributers and organizers. It’s awesome to have this stuff archived. I will put together some material to post in a few. Take care and keep singing everybody!

  6. Rocena (Cajudo) Tashiro Says:

    OMG, I found this doing a random search. Thank you for posting. I thought these recordings were lost forever.

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