hey, 1980s Vocal Jazz alumni!

Have you been pining for your high school vocal jazz days? Wishing you still had a tape recorder on which to play that ancient tape? Wanting to hear the sound of your own voice? Well, now you can!

Seriously… I used to love listening to the old tapes, and I knew they were likely to start falling apart, so several years ago, I got a friend to digitize the Vocal Jazz I recordings from 1987, 1988, and 1989. (I think starting in 1990, they were recorded on CD.) Over on Facebook, there have been some discussions about the old tapes, so I thought I’d post the recordings here so anyone who wants can download them. Chime in if you can remember members’ names, soloists, etc. I’d be happy to upload the 1990 and 1991 albums, too, if I can find them. I have no idea if VJI recorded past that.

If you’ve done any other singing/recording in the last two decades, I’ll bet fellow alumni would love to hear it. Maybe we can add those recordings, too. (Oh, and if anyone wants to add his or her two cents about beautifying the site, have at it.)

I’m off to figure out how to upload everything and hopefully make it esay to access. Back soon with a blast from the past!

Jami (Valt) Messinger


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