Moving right along… 1988. That year, I know Amy and Jenny were members, as well as Marnell Raykoff (her name is now Navah Raphael), David Brown, Gwen Larsen, Alison Bloeser, Dave Parmeter, Lissa Richardson, David Smith, Dyan Yoshikawa, Molly Bennett, Tiffany Drake, Eileen Everett, Pat Kelly, Eric Anderson… who else?

01 – Put On a Happy Face (Amy Settle and Eric Anderson, soloists)
02 – Georgia On My Mind (Chris Shuford and Pat Kelly, soloists)
03 – Tangerine (Gwen Larsen, soloist)
04 – Goodbye Love (Amy)
05 – Four Brothers (David Brown, Amy Settle, Gwen Larsen, Pat Kelly, soloists)
06 – Get Happy
07 – Skylark (Gwen)
08 – Bali Hai
09 – DC Farewell (Dave Parmeter, soloist)
10 – Make Someone Happy
11 – ‘Round Midnight (Dave Smith and Dave Parmeter, soloists)

Click to listen, or right click and choose “save target as” to download songs.


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3 Responses to “1988”

  1. eric Anderson Says:

    Chris Shuford (the non-scat solo on Georgia on my mind, w/ I think Pat doing the scat solo) , Lissa Richardson, David Smith, Jenny Beddow, and I think Julie Brown were all there.

  2. Chris Shuford Says:

    Don’t forget Dyan Yoshikawa, Molly Bennett, Tiffany Drake, and (yes) Eileen Everett.

    Dave Smith did the scat solo on ‘Round Midnight’ (with a faint-duet underlay of Dave Parmeter, adding riffs he’d made “famous” when he would do the solo in some of our live performances).

    I believe the “5th” voice in Four Brothers was simply Pat Kelly again. The rest of us were too busy holding down the back-up parts, I think, to introduce a true “5th brother” voice – like MT does on their recording.

    Add Amy for a solo on Happy Face, and Eric’s scatting.
    I did do the Georgia solo, with Pat vocally recreating what he sometimes played as a trumpet solo during live performances, as I recall.

  3. jamimess Says:

    Duly noted! Thanks, guys!

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